Bird Jewelry Collection

Artistic jewelry creations filled with uniqueness and magic. The ALIA for You Bird jewelry Collection brings the colorful world of birds to life with quality silver and noble natural stones. This specially designed jewelry create the detailed appearance of birds, surrounded by a multi-color palette of minerals.

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    86 320 Ft

    This sterling silver eagle pendant artistically captured the wildness and beauty of the eagle.

    Fine engraved antiqued surface lines emphasize the pattern of the eagle.

    The black zirconia stone with a mystical glow in the eye, brings the eagle's gaze to life.

    The eagle pendant with its unique design and size, is a really showy piece of jewelry that symbolizes courage, strength and freedom.


    50 310 Ft

    This sterling silver eagle pendant perfectly captures the natural beauty of the eagle.

    The three-dimensional eagle pendant embraces a moonstone, which shines in the colors of the rainbow in the light.

    Whether you are a lover of nature or a fan of fashion, this eagle pendant is the perfect accessory to express your uniqueness.

    The rhodium-plated surface of the pendant allows it to always remain bright for you.

    Whether you wear it for an occasion or for every day life, it will always attract attention like a magnet.


    34 650 Ft

    This sterling silver owl pendant is a combination of elegance and mystery.

    The owl as a symbol represents wisdom, knowledge and intuition.

    With the brilliantly shine white stones in its eye, the owl pendant charms everyone with its gaze.

    The detailed silver carving around the eyes gives the owl pendant an enigmatic and energetic radiance. 


    48 310 Ft

    This sterling silver pompon pendant creates a feminine and vagabond style with its special design.

    The eagle's head is beautifully decorated with finely engraved silver carvings, which are highlighted even more by the antiqued surface.

    Finely cut, white natural zircon stones are hanging richly from the pendant in multiple rows.

    The natural white zircon pompon, reminiscent of the eagle's plumage, creates a magical shimmer as it floats in the light.

    You can wear it on a stone or a silver necklace, this eagle pompon is the perfect addition for every jewelry box.


    46 200 Ft

    This ALIA for You necklace made with multi stones and a silver phoenix, brings the magical world of birds to life.

    The intricately cut various gemstones play with dark and light shades by creating a colorful cavalcade.

    The centerpiece of the necklace is the precisely crafted phoenix pendant, which symbolizes renewal and eternal life.

    The phoenix's rhodium-coated rustic surface gives the impression of studded with stones, and the polished emerald in its eye is the perfect finish to the necklace.

    With its unique and exclusive design, the phoenix necklace can be a splendid adornment to your appearance.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like, fit to your size.


    44 850 Ft

    This ALIA for You necklace is made of tourmaline stones, which is decorated with a silver parrot in the middle.

    The polished tourmaline stones shine in various shades of pink, bringing to life the wonders of nature.

    The aesthetically designed parrot pendant adds an exotic touch to the necklace, with its sleek and feminine lines.

    This parrot necklace is an exciting and eye-catching combination, perfect for creating a summery vibe.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like, fit to your size.


    63 800 Ft

    This ALIA for You necklace is made of high-quality zoisite stones with a silver peacock pendant in the center.

    The polished zoisite stones blend with green, red and black tones, creating a color combination that compliments the peacock pendant.

    The peacock pendant fits perfectly into the necklace with its graceful and feminine lines, making it unique with its studded convex surface.

    In the peacock's eye, a polished ruby stone shines in a vibrant red color, creating a perfect harmony with the rest of the necklace.

    The peacock zoisite necklace is a perfect choice for those who love unique jewelry and also makes an excellent gift for unforgettable moments.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like, fit to your size.


    79 450 Ft

    With this ALIA for You necklace made of natural zircon and sterling silver swallow motif, your mood will surely fly.

    This necklace creates a pastel harmony with the combination of high gloss, soft green, purple and white zircon stones running in a double row. 

    The main focus of the necklace is the large artistically designed swallow pendant, which brings the fantasy world of birds to life with its fairy tale-like design.

    The texture of the bird give the impression of being encrusted with stones, and there is a sparkling tiny gemstone in its eye. 

    This bird necklace creates a mesmerizing effect, making every moment magical, when you wear it.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like, fit to your size.


    58 500 Ft

    This ALIA for You necklace is the perfect combination of sterling silver and high-quality beryl stones.

    The beryl stones are mixed with pink, green and blue shades, that create a spring color palette.

    The center of the necklace is the sterling silver soaring eagle motif, which symbolizes freedom and strength.

    The eagle is brought to life with intricate silver carvings, and with its outstretched wings, it fits wonderfully into the necklace.

    The eagle's sleek surface is rhodium-plated to ensuring it always maintain its shiny brilliance.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like, fit to your size.