Our company, known as ALIA brand name, is a family owned company established in 2005. Our company is a leader in production of jewellery made from high quality silver, precious stones and handmade jewellery. With our jewellery we created a genuine ALIA style, which became the essential pillar of our brand. The engine of our work is our love for jewellery, which brings us foward every day.



Our products are made from 925 sterling silver and the best quality of natural stones. We use 24 carat gold for gold plating. Thanks for the beautiful and endless variations of natural stones, we have created our extensive product range. We have been in business relations with international manufacturers who have preserved their tradition in jewellery making and possess the most advanced high technology.



Our goal is to produce impeccable quality, international apperarance of our products, and precision. We pay great attention to being open to the world and coming up with new ideas, just as following new trends with our products. One of our goal is to inspire people with our creativity. In our work, we are dedicated to being unique and courageous in jewellery making, and creating a wide range of natural stones. It is essential for us to provide our customers with cordial service and reliable personal contact.