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925 sterling silver

925 sterling silver



Animal Pendants

Animal Pedants

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    39 300 Ft

    The sterling silver crocodile pendant is a breathtaking piece of jewellery at first sight.

    With its rustically carved, antiqued scales running down its back and by capturing the dynamic movement of the crocodile, this jewellery creation lends an exotic effect to your look.

    At the end of the pendant hangs a natural malachite, in which the green shades mix together bringing closer the crocodile to its natural look.

    Wear it as a stand-alone beauty either on a necklace made of green stones or create creative layers with your other jewellery.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like.


    54 300 Ft

    The dragon pendant is an exquisite masterpiece that inspires with its high quality and precise silver craftsmanship.

    The graphic design of the dragon's head is highlighted by the lavishly settled zirconia pavé stones.

    The zirconia pompon stylishly swings from the dragon-head, and with its faceted surface it captures every light.

    The pompon can be removed with an easy clasp from the pendant, giving you the option to wear it long or short.

    We can make this product personalized for you in our store with any stone you like, fit to your size.


    13 990 Ft

    The centerpiece of the rhodium plated silver elephant pendant is the champagne zirconia, which receives a spotlight through the white zirconia stones surrounding it.

    The combinations of brilliant stones magnifies the best part of this magnificent pendant.


    22 310 Ft

    The octopus pendant with the freshwater pearl in the middle creates summer vibe for every day.

    Whether you place it on a silver chain or a freshwater pearl necklace, it will always attract all eyes on you.

    This pendant is a perfect combination of quality silver and radiant real pearls.


    29 300 Ft

    The wildness of the silver tiger and the feminine glow of freshwater pearl create an exciting contradiction.

    The three-dimensional ALIA for You tiger pendant provides charismatic radiance to your outfit.

    With its unusual design and great attention to details, this jewellery item puts an accent to the exclusive look.


    15 500 Ft

    The frog pendant, which delicately embraces the freshwater pearl, will always make you feel like a princess.

    The rhodium plated high quality silver and the dazzling white pearl - together they create an irresistible jewellery piece.


    29 400 Ft

    Express your personality with jewellery.

    The 925 sterling silver chameleon pendant is extraordinary, impressive, attractive and exotic.

    The chameleon looks good not only in the jungle, but also worn on a necklace.

    This pendant with the detailed silver crafting is so realistic that it looks like, its real self.


    31 500 Ft

    The 925 sterling silver seahorse pendant will guide into the deep under water world with its impressive design.

    This pendant will surely give you an exclusive look.


    26 910 Ft

    The silver elephant pendant is a lovable character on any necklace.

    The lightweight abstract design and the clean surface allows you to wear it with any outfit.

    The elephant is known as a symbol of luck and brings positive energy for its wearer.


    59 110 Ft

    The silver turtle pendant brings a loose harmony into summer days.

    The sleek surface, the three-dimensional form, every detail on its back and legs reflect the beauty of this pendant.

    It is not just a showy piece of jewellery, but also the symbol of wisdom and longevity.

    The thickly applied rhodium layer always provides the turtle pendant with extra shine.


    38 500 Ft

    Elegant arcs, sleek surface, slightly carved polka dot pattern, these details form the ray pendant.

    With its wavy curved shape, this jewellery piece enlivens the dynamic movement of the ray.

    Just put it on your necklace and let it float around your neck!

    The 925 sterling silver and the thickly applied rhodium layer create the perfect combination of jewellery.


    59 570 Ft

    Tropical atmosphere that captivates.

    The 925 sterling silver parrot pendant attracts eyes with its spectacular three-dimensional design.

    Matchless elaboration that perfectly brings to life the diverse world of the jungle.


    29 100 Ft

    The 925 sterling silver dragon pendant creates the magical world of jewelry.

    The dragon pendant stand out with its uniqueness and its high quality silver craftsmanship.

    It is a perfect gift for any occasion, as it can be worn by both women and men.


    43 100 Ft

    The fantasy world of Asian mythology was brought to life with the magnificent dragon pendant.

    The artistically designed silver dragon pendant has the magic power to bring luck and longevity, according to the mythology.

    As a result of its detailed and precise layout, this silver pendant will always catch everyone's eyes.


    57 700 Ft

    The silver dragon pendant is a jewelry to dream about.

    These fabulous animals are believed to bring good luck.

    With the artistic and precise dragon skin carving, this pendant radiates energy and style.

    It is such a showy piece that it is enough to put it on a necklace, but you can even wear it creatively with other jewellery.


    18 900 Ft

    The silver wolf head pendant is beautifully adorned with traditional viking ornaments.

    The main focus is given by the rune in the middle, which stands for victory.

    This piece of jewellery made with the finest silver workmanship, unites ancient meaning with modern graphics.


    74 310 Ft

    The mighty silver wolf pendant with the detailedly carved fur is artistry on the highest level.

    Thanks for the extraordinary silver crafting and quality it reflects wildness and strength.


    34 650 Ft

    This sterling silver owl pendant is a combination of elegance and mystery.

    The owl as a symbol represents wisdom, knowledge and intuition.

    With the brilliantly shine white stones in its eye, the owl pendant charms everyone with its gaze.

    The detailed silver carving around the eyes gives the owl pendant an enigmatic and energetic radiance. 


    48 310 Ft

    This sterling silver pompon pendant creates a feminine and vagabond style with its special design.

    The eagle's head is beautifully decorated with finely engraved silver carvings, which are highlighted even more by the antiqued surface.

    Finely cut, white natural zircon stones are hanging richly from the pendant in multiple rows.

    The natural white zircon pompon, reminiscent of the eagle's plumage, creates a magical shimmer as it floats in the light.

    You can wear it on a stone or a silver necklace, this eagle pompon is the perfect addition for every jewelry box.


    86 320 Ft

    This sterling silver eagle pendant artistically captured the wildness and beauty of the eagle.

    Fine engraved antiqued surface lines emphasize the pattern of the eagle.

    The black zirconia stone with a mystical glow in the eye, brings the eagle's gaze to life.

    The eagle pendant with its unique design and size, is a really showy piece of jewelry that symbolizes courage, strength and freedom.


    50 310 Ft

    This sterling silver eagle pendant perfectly captures the natural beauty of the eagle.

    The three-dimensional eagle pendant embraces a moonstone, which shines in the colors of the rainbow in the light.

    Whether you are a lover of nature or a fan of fashion, this eagle pendant is the perfect accessory to express your uniqueness.

    The rhodium-plated surface of the pendant allows it to always remain bright for you.

    Whether you wear it for an occasion or for every day life, it will always attract attention like a magnet.


    29 500 Ft

    A unique piece of jewelry inspired by the North Pole.

    The glacier-shaped, 925 sterling silver polar bear pendant, thanks for its inimitable design, it is not only a beautiful jewelry, but also draws attention to protect the environment as well.


    39 700 Ft

    The 925 sterling silver horse pendant is a blend of elegance and style.

    With its elaborate design it enhances any outfit to a new level.

    Wear it either with a silver or a natural stone necklace and take its radiance with you.


    24 800 Ft

    Your mood is guaranteed to take flight by wearing this 925 sterling silver bee pendant on your necklace.